Erotic Stories by Anthony:
I was only 18 years old and my new girlfriend was only 15 years old that time we start dating after school. My all friends boys and girls enjoyed our dating. After school time we meet outside somewhere. Yes we loved each other and still we do. After few weeks of date my girlfriend asked me to merry her, but i was totally confused about it. so i have decided to move off yes after few weeks she found someone to borrow with.

A long time had been passed she was not happy with the new boy and her 18th birthday she invited me to her home yes her name is Lisa. I accepted her invitation from facebook and i been to her house at 20pm and i surprised no one there to celebrate her birthday. Only me and Lisa. Cool i meet her after 3 years she looked amazing to me. Her big boobs attract me to touch her and kiss. She dressed up look like a real sexy, a sexy girl ever a whore from the sky.

After a few drinks she asked me to have a kiss, i can't say no. I know that kinds of chance does not come very often. No matter we are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore but i need to try her at least once in my life.
She hold my hand and made me dance yes suddenly she tried to kiss me i was not ready but cool i did it i kissed her from deep wow very sweet like honey.

After a short dance Lisa asked me to see her at the bed room we been there together and we start getting naked. She hold my big shaved cock and surprised by saying wow it's too big. It's mine forever i love this cock. I hold her big boobs and squeeze it and she made a big sound saying oooh. Cool she hold my cock and put it on her juicy mouth and start blow job me. Excellent Lisa i start saying how good you are Lisa i am your man. I love your pussy. I put my finger on her wet pink pussy wow its totally wet and leaking something white. Cool she said come on sexy get on me. Give me your cock and make me pregnant. I am not stupid i got my condom ready and Lisa put it on yes after that we enjoyed a lot. Every time i put my cock into her pussy and made her cum. After whole night of love and play we separated in the morning. After few months i moved to London. But was missing her a lot i got a job as a manager in a hotel. One of my customer always borrow with some different girls. Cool one day that customer told me about the agency from where he booked the girl. But i got no idea how does it work i picked my phone and asked the agency for more information. Yes i got enough information about the girl and the terms and condition. So from now i got my new life to enjoy, i always think why any gentleman need to go to club to get someone if they can get easily the thing they want from London Local Escorts.

Erotic Stories By Banjamin:
I got a lot of love story in my life cool but few of them is excellent and interesting to me. One day i was going home after work i saw a girl standing on the bus stop i was busy in doing something on my iphone. After a few minutes she came to me and said hi i am Bakie. Cool i replied yes hi i am Ben. Cool she started to talk to me about something and asked me where am i going to. Cool i replied i am going home from work so eventually she told me she work for HR in an recruitment agency and asked me to pop in her office one day. i Said ok at that time my bus arrived so i left.
After that night i wondered to see her again, she was nice with blue eyes and sexy lips. Cool i tried to forget her but whole night i remember her smile i thought i am going to fall in love. Cool next day i was working at my own cafe she came said hello sexy bum in front of my few customer. I just asked her to have a sit and had her lunch but she refused and said thanks anyway i just came to see you. If you like can we have a chat together after work. I told her i close my shop at 22pm so it should be too late for you.
She said no problem for me i can wait. Yes she came to my shop at 18pm and was talking a lot. I took her to my office and we had some drink and i asked my manager to close the shop. Cool after a short drinking she suddenly hold my hand and asked me for kiss I said to her cool here is my office if anyone come and see us she replied i don't care just do it. I start kissing and i felt i am going to sweet and my trousers bottom became wet with some discharge from my cock.
I cant wait i quickly took her skirt up and unzip my cock. She saw my long brown and black cock she started kissing him. Ok i hold her up and took her knickers out and just push my cock into her hairy pussy wow she made a sound come on sexy bum, push, push again and again etc. I kept pushing and pushing and suddenly i realized my chair are full of some white stuff yes that’s from me and her.

After that night we kept meeting and having sex every day there. One day she said she is going back to Poland as she wanted to make a family as i don't want to have any baby. Yes i said fine take care, She has gone over. I was thinking what to do as i addicted to sex. No problem i searched on the website and found a local escorts agency and found my Polish girl there exactly same like my ex lover.
I book the girl every week the same girl and enjoy my life....


Erotic stories By Cristofer:
I got no idea at all since how long my cousin's mates fancy me. She is Abbie Purnell. Yes one time i was on Summer holiday and down to my mum to Gloucestershire then one morning my cousin introduce us. Yes after a short chat Abbie asked me for my number she asked me "if you want we can go for night out tomorrow, what do you think sexy". But i was so shy as i got no girlfriend and in the city where i work for there is no girl for me to chat as everyone is busy. Cool i replied " it's ok hunny i am ready to get you, you are mine" she smiled. Once she left i been to bathroom but before i had my bath i touched my cock and felt something different and yes i did my hand job as i do regularly.
Next day she text me a lot and asked me what time we can go and she planned the night out. Ok after 20pm she came to my house and got me ready and we been to a local night club, wow its nice but a lot of people dancing and drinking we got no problem we managed a corner and started dancing and kissing yes she asked me to go to toilet with her and kiss her there. I am clever i understand what did she want. I said "Its better to go outside somewhere as the security guard never allow us together in the ladies toilet." Yes she agreed to go out and we end up in a restaurant where ladies and gents got same way toilet and they were busy so they did not bother who is going in or doing what.

At the toilets i took her sexy top off and wow her big boobs are out for me to suck yes i don’t waste my time i sucked her nipple and she made me nacked as well. We can't do this for long time she said to me yes i know its a public place so i quickly set my long red cock to her pussy oh she said come on sexy husband do it quick. She called me husband so i continue kept doing it oh after 30 minutes of sex i remember the music "I just had sex, feel so good". We left the place with a big satisfaction, after a week i got to come back she was crying i told her yes you can come back to London if you manage any jobs.

After that i realized the cities girl and country sides girl are different i am a modern man trying to explore more so i always book a girl from London Local Escorts.
Every time different girl make me smile.


Erotic stories By Dominick

One night i was going for night out with some friends. We all were single and not planning to have any girlfriend. So one summer evening we planned to go for clubbing we been to a club quite far from my house. All of my friends were busy in dancing and i was dancing on my own, cool a nice mixed race girl approached to me and offered me to dance with her. Excellent i accept her offer and was dancing for a while the club was dark enough and everyone was drunk. She was touching my peanuts cool i felt sex. I touched her big tits and a massive soft ass. Time to time we are getting closer and closer suddenly she said come on babe just play. I unzip my pant and her shorts were already unzipped she might looking for someone for sex. Ok we hold each other and i started to have it oww it was amazing and we enjoyed a lot. After that we kept contact and see each other for once in a week after a long time relationship she felt pregnant but we both were not ready for any extention so we split she got abortion.

Now i am single again and don't want any serious relationship i am a good player. Many week specially Saterday night i spent without sex one of my colleague gave a number to call to the escorts agency. I have never employee any escorts girls before so was shy how to perform. But the girl i booked she was amazing she made me sex very easy. Yes now i know how to act with any girl and kept seeing a girl from my local escorts agency, which is London Local Escorts.

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Erotic stories by Eric:
My name is Eric, i was a simple man from Surry England. After finished my degree i planed to settle down in London. Yes i was renting a small room and was looking for job yes all came true in my life. I felt in love with my colleague an English girl from Brighton. We moved to Brighton together after we managed transfer to our same companies branch.
We spent a long time in chatting one day we been to her home town Brighton. It was summer afternoon we been to the beach and spent some time together cool by the late afternoon the beach were start getting quiet so we got the chance. We did not had any sex yet we got together. That was first time for me after 3 years stayed without sex. So i can miss that chance. She started kissing me its ok but we both agreed to have sex but i cant say no so i asked her "Where we can make love, here or any hotel" she replied "lets do it here we might not get any moment like today, go onlets have outdoor sex". Yes we started already she took her knickers and bra out and i became totally nacked she kissed my gold fish and straight way i gave her some cum juice from my goldfish, She said "what the nice smell is it real fishy cream". Cool we started having doggy style and hand stand. Wow it was amazing. Now a long time has gone we are merried together but still i visit London for business purposes and book some georgious ladies from London Local Escorts and enjoy out of my wife because i love my sex secret.

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Erotic Stories By Freddy:
I was sitting on the grass alone and reading newspaper at a park in London. A lady was also sitting next to me a few yards away. I got no idea when we got together and chatting along. After a few minutes we started to go so Jamie asked me to have my number yes i did it. Next day she called me same time and asked me to meet together for a night out. We booked a restaurant and was having some dinner most likely a dinner date straight after dinner date she made me to sleep over her that night. We had enough drink and became drunk. Once we reached the bedroom we became wild kissing and kissing. I accidently start sucking her wet pussy oh it was nice sexy smell all over i love it because i did it every day with my ex-girlfriend. Jamie also sucked me and made me cum into her mouth. After that we got to go for bed Jamie love to have sex in the bath yes we got to go there together a warm bubble bath with sex its amazing. We enjoyed 2 hours together and sleept together.

Now she is still mine but she moved to Cardiff as she need to attend for her jobs. Yes career made us separate but i found my life different i don't want any relationship but want to enjoy with a lot of different girls.
Yes i always book 2 girls together with my friend and do gang bang. I love to hire my girl from London Local Escorts, because they only got some local girl just like my Jamie.....


Erotis Stories By George:

When i was young aged about 16 me and my few friends always watched porn movie. I tried to become a strong man with a long sex drive.On the way i planed a lot of thing how to become a strong and sexy man.Cool i start gym and eating healthy food all of the girl at my school start looking at me. One day a girl asked me to go for a tea party. Yes that days she was wearing a mini skirt and little pink top. I don't know that day become my funniest day in my life. Isaw few of my friend comes with their girl friends and start kissing each other and everyone saying to me you are lucky to get her. Lets get your peanuts out i complain but noone listen they all got naked and start having sex. It was just like a swingers party. Yes me and my girl Olivia start having sex in front of everyone. wow whats a wonderful night it was in my life.

I shug her like a dog and filled her pussy with my sperm. She was so happy after that every week we got together and start making love.

Time been changed now we all are busy in working few of my friends became single me too. But we did not stopping enjoy we book some girl every week from London Local Escorts and shug them very well.

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Erotic Stories By Harry:
When i was teenager i always wondered how people shug 2 girls at a same time. Until i grown up and test myself that was real secret for my life. That comes true in my life at the age of 19. I was at a nightclub myself, i was at the corner of the nightclub having a pint of beer cool a middle aged white lady approached to me with her daughter. Her daughter is nearly 20s and the lady is roughly 38 years old. Cool i prefered the her mum i like older lady. Wow the lady asked me "whats your name babe? i am Katy". Excellent i answered by saying i am good love, o yes my name is Harry, at that moment her daughter shaked her hand with me and kissed me and said you are gorgious, i am Kristin. Cool i was not that interested to her.

Me and Katy started dancing and kissing for long time Kristin also kissed me several time. I got it wonder how mums and daughter shugging same man. Ok i don't mind i am a player. I believe i was born to be a player.

At 3:00am club was getting quiet so Katy asked me to go over her house and Kristin also want me to sleep over their house. I am clever i did understand they both need a hot sex from me. I said "ok cool where i am sleeping tonight, Katy said with us on our same bed". Fine we been to the house wow very nice tidy house with a big king size bed room. We had some more wine and spirit straight after i found myself bit drunk.

Cool i just beed to the bed and found a big dildo propably used by Katy. Ok i don't mind Katy came to me first and got naked i touched her belly oh very soft like butter. Kristin also naked so i can't wait i became naked too.

Katy hold my dick and started sucking i started sucking and leaking Kristins little pussy, wow what’s a sweet smell coming from Kristins pussy. I made her cum to my mouth, My mouth was full of Kristins cum and her mums already drunk my sperm twice.
Cool after that Katy said "come on my bull, make me pregnent now". Same Kristin want's too, so i grab her Mum and put my long Black dick into her pussy ohhhhh it gone throw very nice and she started oh oh oh come on dickhead give me your baby all those shit.

i don't care after a short time she again shout by saying that no no no can't do more come on babe no, i don't care what she said i stopped after one hour. Now Kristin is ready so i need to do same to her yes i did it Kristins pussy was full of my sperm.

After that night Katy and Kristin promised me to shag them once in a week. Oh cool after 3 months of shag i found both bitch became pregnant since then i run away.

I don't like to be a responsible person i just like to shag so i know that chance never come to my life so i started to book girls from London Local Escorts



Stories By Ian

One day i was sitting on the sofa and watching through the window i saw a nice girl standing on her bedroom window wow i felt something different. I smiled to her yes she did as well. After that day every time i been to the window i saw her there and smiled to me. Cool we managed to get the number but we did not fix any date as my girlfriend still with me, so i need to be careful.

She asked me to go over her home at night cool i managed my girlfriend by saying "Babe i got few night shift to do from Monday do you mind to stay on your own"? She said it's ok go on. Excellent i love my girlfriend but i am a player so need to shag the new girl like a porn star. Cool i been to her house at night and kissed her a lot her mums said ok Zena you got a good boy don’t loose him. Ok i know who am i  been to her bed room and told her don't on the light my mum can see that Zena was so simple girl she believe me i live with mum.

After that i took my jeans off and grab her to shag she did not say anything. I put my fat cock into her white hairy pussy and started to shag her mums was listening everything from the other room and i found myself full of cum into her pussy. After that i heard a sound from the other room Zena said it's her mums having sex with dildo.

Cool after a few days me job was transferred from that city to London i missed my sex partner Zena a lot but i found same from London Local Escorts.

Me and Sophie are married but still i book some girl when i am out for business meeting.


Erotic Stories By Jackson:

When i was too young i was really interested for sex. Ok i was early 17s,my dad and mum both worked for a factory so they are out of home at least for all day every day. I got enough time to be naughty. I got my step sisters mate Emily she always came to our house, Cool one day she was sitting next to me and my sister was at school i got the chance suddenly she found my porn movie dvd and asked me to wath it. I don't mind i thought i got the chance so i just switch on the dvd and kept watching it . Emily can't control herself and started kissing me.

I approached to her with full potential and grab her hair. She is ready to shag with me i became naked and put my slim long dick to her yellow pussy and after few minutes she found her pussy full of white cheese.

Cool that was my teenage life Now me and Emily had a son we are married, As i am a businessman i got to travel to London every week so all the times i call a girl from London Local Escorts to my hotel and shag them very nice.

Erotic Stories By Kaarlo
My manager at my work place was a nice lady aged between 30 and 35. Cool i was just an employee and a young man. Yes she was Emma Jones. Cool Emma asked me one day to have a dinner party at her home. I been there and saw only her old mother lives with her and she was single. Excellent i got the chance to enjoy with her, i was not sure she wanted me to shug or just invited me for dinner. Cool after dinner Emma asked me to sleep over her house as it was raining outside, i don't mind caz at least i can shag her if that happened.

Once her old mum slept her own bedroom Emma came to me with knickers and bra only i was surprised as my dream becoming true. She hold my hand and touched my dick i was feeling sick for sex.

I turned up and hold her hair and kissed her red lips wow its sweet. After that i put my finger on her pussy oh oh she made sound and i found it soft and cheese. Cool we can't be late i can't controll my cock he need to see his mate. So she was sitting on the sofa and i was by the side of her kept pushing up-to deep, wow she was crying almost. From the next room her mums was saying slowley guys i can't sleep i don't stop i kept continue doing it until i satisfied.

Cool a long time had been past Emma is merried now and moved to different cities i am still in London and kept shagging girls from London Local Escorts.


Me and Fred are friend for long time, so i regularly go to his house, Freds sister is about 18 now extremely sexy to me. I never talk to her not she does not want but didn't get this chance. Ok one day i was watching TV at freeds house the programme comes "one born every minutes". She was watching it suddenly she said i like natural birth oh accidently i said me too.

She laught at me and we became friend, from then i been to their house to see her not Fred any more. Yes Fred also helped me to go with his sister.

The first time we had sex at my car wow she was virgine i didn't know that wow a lot of blood was around me and my car seat. Cool we married eventually and had a daughter but i am a player so always book girl from London Local Escorts.

Erotic Stories By Michael:

Me and Chelsea are friend since we were at school she is now 30 and i am 32 cool still we remember our golden past. One day Chelsea inboxed me on facebook by asking me to see her for weekend i asked her "where is your Husband" she replied "he is out of country to Mexico for business and will be back after a week". Excellent thanks god i got the chance to see her after 10 years. Cool i been to her home near Heathrow Airport London, a nice house with a nice sofa. She came to me and hug me i was exited she is very big and sexy now.

My cock was dancing almost it touch her bum so she knows time is coming to become wild. She said to me lets go i got no idea where,
I just followed her and been to her bedroom she asked me to have a sit and she came with glass of white wine which is my favorite.
Excellent staff she became naked and me too i can't wait so my cock already out of control.
I hold her upside down and started having sex from her back just like doggy style.

After an hour her pussy was filled with my cum sauce wow she was amazing. Excellent time i am still single but still i book some girl from London Local Escorts just like my Chelsea.


Sex and Health:

Most of the doctor found on their studies sexiest man is happy in their life. Regular sex can help mens to keep the fitness strong and the manhood out of any problem. Mens health is fully depend on the rate of sex they have each week. A healthy man need to have sex at least once in a week research found.

Same like healthy kissing make blood flow normal into our mouth and the long course of sex make our body stand out. Most of the healthy man love to have a lot of oil on their body before had sex that’s good but you need to have a hot shower or warm bath after having bath.

Cool there are a few steps to remember before any man go for sex.

Preparation is most important before having healthy sex, Communicate with your partner during the time having sex with her, Do the sex gradually no harsh or any tension.

Yes look after your body and have a lovely sexy hot life.

Terms and Conditions

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